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A quality set of house plans helps your builder provide a more accurate estimate and reduces problems during construction—saving you time and money.  A detailed set of house plans is a small investment when compared to the cost of building or remodeling your home.


We also aim to achieve your desires within your limitations. Designing a new home or remodeling project that satisfies both your dreams and budget is top priority.


Plus, house plans will also give you a record of the construction for future reference when adding on or selling your property.


Houck Plans include a foundation plan, floor plans, elevations (exterior views), roof plan, and any details or sections needed for construction. Electrical plans, site plans and 3D renderings are optional.


A quality set of house plans can take several weeks to complete depending on the complexity of your project. The more prepared you are with sketches, pictures, and a wish list the easier it is for us to guide you in the drafting and design of your new home, remodel or addition.


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We know it is important for you, as a builder, to offer the best product possible. Our commitment to quality plans results in a quality product for our builders and establishes long-term work relationships.


What makes Houck plans a great set of plans?

  • Accuracy
  • Construction Details
  • Design for the Market
  • Design for Custom Client Desires
  • Design within Builder Guidelines


From site planning and arrangement to curb appeal, we focus our attention on your requirements and personality while keeping in mind market demand. Customer interaction is the key to creating a successful set of house plans and you can expect us to provide the homeowner their wishes and balance them with your guidelines.


We can provide promotional plans as well to promote your product to potential clients. These would be smaller and easier to store and handle than a large set of prints. As we help you build a portfolio of plans an identity and personality of your company will emerge that can help your product be recognized in the market.


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