The kitchen has been evolving since we started cooking inside. At one time it was not even connected to our house but now has become the center of family activity. Food is a magnet for social gathering so it makes sense that our lives revolve around the kitchen and the island is the hub.

Just as what we do in the kitchen has changed the use of the island has changed as well. No longer is it just for food preparation; it can be a buffet, a conference table, a workstation spot for the kids to do homework, even a display or storage cabinet; not to mention a place to sit and eat…and socialize. With bar stools, cookbook shelves, various cabinet storage options, appliances and plumbing fixtures designed specifically for islands – they have grown into major design pieces that can drive an entire home plan. They can have a separate look from the rest of the kitchen by using contrasting materials or colors, even look like furniture or BE furniture if you like. An island as your family hub fullfills multiple uses and therefore are moving the kitchen more into the center of our living as well as the center of our living areas. And that is part of what is driving our open floor plans…which I will discuss next week.